Thursday, 8 November 2012

The robot arm lives!

I got around to finishing off the robot arm today, and played around with the software that comes with it. It's not terribly easy to use, as it's quite difficult working out which motors to operate in order to move it where you want it to go. Also, I'm not very happy about the accuracy of the thing. Telling it to move a particular motor for 1 second in one direction followed by 1 second in the opposite direction does not result in it being back at the starting position. There's no feedback, so it can't tell where it is. I'll have to allow for the inaccuracies when programming it, which is a bit annoying. I know it was only 40 quid, but still.


Meanwhile the vision experiments are going well. I'm quite impressed by the speed of Python's manipulation methods. I should be able to knock up some interesting Augmented Reality things too.

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