Monday, 26 November 2012

Little top-down adventure engine: Dudegame!

In the interests of sharing, here is something I made which was prompted by our Code Club at school. They asked if they could make a top-down RPG game in the style of Pokemon or Zelda, so I though I'd better look into how to do it. Doing so has helped me understand Sprites a lot more clearly, so I should be able to go back and make better progress with the fishing game I started earlier in the year (I was having trouble with animation slowing everything down, and I think I know what I was doing wrong now).

Dudegame is really just a set-up for a game engine, and allows you to create any number of "rooms" which represent the different screens of a Game-boy style game and navigate around them. I have tried to make it as flexible as possible, to allow for expansion and customisation wherever possible.

Each "room" is stored as an object, and contains a number of invisible "obstacles" which designated areas that the player cannot enter. By positioning these carefully over the prerendered backgrounds, I can give the illusion of a 3D environment, so you can walk in front of this house and the rocks, but not through them.

I have also implemented two kinds of "portal", which allow the player to move from one room to another. Standard portals are placed at the edges of the room, so the player can go to the next screen and reappear on the other side.
Special portals would be placed over the door in rooms like the example, so you can be whisked away to an interior room.

I have done some basic animation on the main character. He is called "Dude", which is a suitably mundane name. (Fun Fact: the character of Guybrush Threepwood in the Monkey Island games was so called because he was originally created in a graphics package that saved images as "brushes", and his graphic was called the "guy-brush")

Dude has some animation frames on his arms and legs, but only faces forwards. That's not a hard thing to change, so that may be the next update.

Next big addition has to be monsters. There will be a few different types: ones that move in a set path, ones that more randomly (avoiding obstacles) and ones that move towards the player. The last one is harder, as some sort of path-finding will be needed to avoid obstacles.

Then we need to add a weapon for Dude. Then interactive elements (signs, for example), then friendly interactive NPCs. And monster projectiles. And an inventory. And some sort of quest.

Or, as seems more likely, I'll get distracted by something shiny and forget about it.

Here's a link to all I have done though. Feel free to use it:

Dudegame source files

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