Friday, 13 June 2014

Little bit o' Javascript

I don't know much about Javascript. Embarassing, I know. I never got into it, even though it looks like lots of fun, and it has lots of advantages due to running on just about everything including tablets.
Anyway, I bought a book because I like learning from books instead of web sites. Don't get me wrong, sites like Codecademy have some nice challenges and reference sites like W3Schools are very useful for... reference, but there's nothing like a well written book to take you through a language and show you the ropes.

So, I've just been playing, and there's what I did this evening:

It's dead simple, but I wanted to see how easy it was to track mouse movement on a canvas and to use some Object Oriented stuff, including an array of objects. I learnt a bit in the process, which is always fun. Next thing I want to do is try a bit of flocking behaviour with randomly generated "birds".

Keep tinkering!

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