Monday, 4 November 2013

Joust continued: Platforms

The source files folder now contains version 1.3 of the Joust game.

I made a few changes to the eel of the flying motion. Previously, the character would slow down when you let go of the control stick. it would do this on the ground and also in the air. More playing of the original version made me realise that the character doesn't slow down when you let go. Momentum carries it onwards, which makes it a bit easier to program. (Before, I had different "friction" settings for the flying and walking movements)

The new version has all the platforms of the original, in roughly the same positions. It also has sounds (you will need to download all the wav files from the folder for this to work)

I had to hard-code some special bits to handle the occasions where the player is walking on the platforms which span the edges of the screen. They're supposed to be the same platform, but I have them stored as two separate halves. The player character was falling down between the two platforms, so I added some lines to check the player's x and y coordinates to see if it's crossing a platform and act accordingly.

The player can still fly vertically up through a platform. That's next. Then we need enemies.

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