Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Give me your details!

I just made a change to the music database. For what seems like for ever, the password reminder function has not been working. I know this, because I get an alert every time someone tries to log in unsuccessfully, and I see the same people trying to log into the system time and time again with the wrong passwords. I sometimes want to shout "it's fluffykitten38! Don't you remember?!"

I used to have access to a file with all my users' school email addresses, so entering them en masse was easy. I don't get that any more, so most users do not have an address in the system, which is fine until they need a password reminder. So I decided to persuade them to give me an address.

So now, when you log in, you'll be asked to enter a valid address. And if you don't enter one, you'll be prompted to every time. It might be annoying at first, but at least it will solve some problems.

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